What We Could Do For You

Low Voltage
Overhauling & Rewinding
ReplaCement of Motors & Drives

High Voltage
Overhauling & Rewinding
Servo Motors

Transformer Rewinding & Repairing
Power Transformer / Furnace Transformer
Distribution Transformer / ESP Transformer
Instrument Transformer

Winding Redesign and Updates
Specialists of Coil supplies
Lu, Hu, & Traction

Motor & Generator Rewinding
Lt/Ht AC Stator Winding, Field Rewinding
Core Staggering / Re-Insulation
New Lamination / Core Commutator
Re-Insulation & Rebuilding / Slip-ring Repair& Rebuilding

Magnetic Equipment Repair
Lifting Magnet Rewinding
Magnetic Separator Rewinding
Transformer Rectifier Sets & Accessories

On Site Services
Motor, Generator, Transformer Overhauling
Complete Rewinding & Partial repairs
Rotating & Static Machine Inspection'
Generator Erection & Alignment

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