Durability & Promptness is our Motto. We are at your service at all times. Engineering means Tomson’s, Tomson’s means Engineering

Most proficient in the field of Electrical and Marine Engineering services with over 60 years of Reputed services, we under take repairs and modifications of all types of Electrical motor, Generator's, Armature & Alternator Repair, Repairing of AVR units, Rebuilding & Repairing of Commutator's, designing of Interlock circuit to all types of controls, dynamic balancing of all types of impeller & rotors, repairs of all type of Marine Engineer, Marine Air Conditioning systems & freezer containers of all types.

We are pleased to inform you that our Establishment which was set up nearly 6 decades ago, is now fully equipped with a Modem Workshop & Technical facilities to handle all types of Electrical, Mechanical repairs & services.

We have with us a team of qualified and experience Engineers, Technicians & Mechanics who have helped our organization to extend our services, round the clock. Our recent survey reports reveal that, certain Companies in the Free Trade Zone have sent their Generators & Motors overseas for Repairs, when such repairs could have been obtained efficiently in Sri Lanka & save the much needed Foreign Exchange for both the Company in general & the Country in particular. With the availability of workshop facilities we would appreciate if the customers visit out workshop site & ascertain our ability to handle your repairs promptly.

We are also proud to announce that we have the ability to design and rebuild Motor to your exact specifications. Our professional Engineers can even change Horse-power, Speed, Voltage & Frequency etc. of Motors & Generators & enhance the "life-span" of the Motors by utilizing class "P" & "H" insulation or even design for a bare core according to your requirements.

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